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A fast-paced literary thriller, IMMUNITY is set in a New York City very much like our own, a jittery, paranoid place, still recovering from a global medical disaster, where the extremes between the rich and poor have grown wider than ever.

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Praise for IMMUNITY:

"...brisk and tightly plotted...New York assumes the wild danger of the New York of the early ’80s. The cocaine is plentiful, the streets dangerous, and an inexplicable, incurable virus haunts every interaction....The novel feels effortlessly assembled. Its pacing is precise, its characterization vivid, its prose clear and unfussy. Catherine’s...situation develops from a satisfying pickle into a gripping whirlpool of intrigue and danger...this book is dedicated to action: measured, satisfying, thoroughly evoked action that raises fascinating what-ifs about the world." -Scott Hutchins, The New York Times

"If Bret Easton Ellis wrote a biothriller." -Kirkus Reviews

"A rapid-fire page-turner that'll prompt you to think about how much we'll sacrifice for a sense of security."-Mark Athitakis, Oprah.com

"An urban thriller to read at the beach...written with a gritty, page-turning intensity."-Antonina Jedrzejczak, Details.com

"Set in an imagined America that's appallingly indistinguishable from our own, Immunity offers a double black vodka of dystopia: very dry, very smooth, and very lethal." -Joseph O’Neill, author of Netherland and The Dog

"Reading Immunity is like coming down with some exotic virus: your pulse races, your temperature spikes, cold sweats set in, and for as long as you’re holding the book, you’re flat-out immobilized. It’s a thrilling shock to the system, an extraordinary novel.”-Jonathan Miles, author of Dear American Airlines and Want Not

“In this smart, scary report from the day after tomorrow, Taylor Antrim gives us a New York we recognize immediately from our anxious daydreams: the broken city after the catastrophe. A paranoid thriller for an age that’s lost its faith in conspiracies, Immunity is both a delivery system for adrenaline and a first attempt at a survival guide for the future.” -Gabriel Roth, author of The Unknowns

“I’m left haunted by how perfectly Taylor Antrim zeroes in on the zeitgeist of right now. To call Immunity a medical thriller doesn’t nearly sum up what’s contained here: all the panic, the violence, the desire we’re capable of if given the right circumstances.” -Mary Beth Keane, author of The Walking People and Fever

“A whip-smart send-up of New York City elite, set in a catastrophic future America that feels chillingly real. Devastating and darkly hilarious.” -Laura van den Berg, author of The Isle of Youth and Find Me