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A fast-paced literary thriller, IMMUNITY is set in a New York City very much like our own, a jittery, paranoid place, still recovering from a global medical disaster, where the extremes between the rich and poor have grown wider than ever.

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Praise for IMMUNITY:

"If Bret Easton Ellis wrote a biothriller." -Kirkus Reviews

"A rapid-fire page-turner that'll prompt you to think about how much we'll sacrifice for a sense of security."-Mark Athitakis, Oprah.com

"An urban thriller to read at the beach...written with a gritty, page-turning intensity."-Antonina Jedrzejczak, Details.com

"Set in an imagined America that's appallingly indistinguishable from our own, Immunity offers a double black vodka of dystopia: very dry, very smooth, and very lethal." -Joseph O’Neill, author of Netherland and The Dog

"Reading Immunity is like coming down with some exotic virus: your pulse races, your temperature spikes, cold sweats set in, and for as long as you’re holding the book, you’re flat-out immobilized. It’s a thrilling shock to the system, an extraordinary novel.”-Jonathan Miles, author of Dear American Airlines and Want Not

“In this smart, scary report from the day after tomorrow, Taylor Antrim gives us a New York we recognize immediately from our anxious daydreams: the broken city after the catastrophe. A paranoid thriller for an age that’s lost its faith in conspiracies, Immunity is both a delivery system for adrenaline and a first attempt at a survival guide for the future.” -Gabriel Roth, author of The Unknowns

“I’m left haunted by how perfectly Taylor Antrim zeroes in on the zeitgeist of right now. To call Immunity a medical thriller doesn’t nearly sum up what’s contained here: all the panic, the violence, the desire we’re capable of if given the right circumstances.” -Mary Beth Keane, author of The Walking People and Fever

“A whip-smart send-up of New York City elite, set in a catastrophic future America that feels chillingly real. Devastating and darkly hilarious.” -Laura van den Berg, author of The Isle of Youth and Find Me